Stanley Hettinger Memorial Scholarship

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Announcing the 2015 Scholarship Winners


Ariana Rufus, Eleanor Harrison, Hayden Sticki


Arianna Rufus is from Sanford High School.  She plays the clarinet and flute.  Arianna is known as a leader amongst her peers.  She diligent in her music study and always helping younger students.

Eleanor Harrison is from Greely High School. She plays trumpet and percussion.  She thirsts for knowledge and has an  exceptional commitment to her music study.  Eleanor wants to peruse music education and library sciences in college. 

Hayden Sticki is from Westbrook High School.  He plays percussion.  Hayden is considered a virtuosic percussionist and has composed numerous pieces of Chamber music and percussion ensembles.  Hayden wants to go to college for music composition and performance.

Each year, the Symphony offers this scholarship to further its mission of promoting musical education and exciting performance opportunities for young people.  The scholarship is open to High School students from New Hampshire and Maine in need of financial assistance and recognizes those students who have contributed to their high school music program.  Although there are high school student members of the Wind Symphony, the applicant need not be a current member of the group.