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 “I would like to become a member of the Strafford Wind Symphony” 

Please contact us regarding membership availability. .   All new prospects, and those returning after an extended absence, are required to audition.  The audition consists of being seated with the section leader for up to two rehearsals.  During that time, the section leader will evaluate the player for acceptance and seating.  Following a meeting between the section leader, personnel manager and conductors, the applicant will be notified if he or she has been accepted.  Applicants for student prospects must meet additional criteria.  Prior to being granted an audition, a student prospect must:

  • be currently participating in his/her school’s music program,

  • provide a letter of recommendation from his/her band director or private teacher,

  • have attained all-state or district recognition on the instrument he/she will play.

  • At the discretion of the conductors, any of the above may be waived.

How does the seating work?

Seating in the SWS will be at the discretion of the conductor.  There is no “best to worst” seating within sections.  Musicians will be seated in a way that the conductor feels will achieve the best overall sound.  The conductor may also re-arrange members within a section to maintain appropriate sound balance.