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Virtual Concert: Information and Instructions


Latest Message: Friday, June 4th

Dear Friends,


In case you didn’t get the link to the Strafford Wind Symphony’s Memorial Day Tribute, here it is again. Feel free to share it with friends and family. The link will become inactive on Monday, June 7th. Enjoy!


The final step in our virtual spring concert has arrived, The Stars and Stripes Forever. Attached is the sound reference recording with four measures of the preparatory click track. Enjoy recording while you play along with the USMC “The President’s Own”. Would you please try to get this recording and any other recordings you have not finished to me by Monday, June 14th. Thank you!


The concert will be coming out a bit later than I had wished. But instead of one concert, we are sending out two concerts; SWS Memorial Day Tribute (DONE) and SWS Virtual Spring Concert. Thank you for all of your dedication, practice, and time. I truly appreciate everyone.


Be safe my friends,




Reference Tracks (Right-click the track to save file on your computer):

Current Project: Due Monday, June 14th Stars and Stripes Forever Track edited June 5th



Due Wednesday, May 5th: España Caní, part 2: measures 113 – end



Due Tuesday, April 20th – España Caní, part 1: measures 1 – 118



Due Wednesday, April 7th:  Opa! part 3- Measures 118-end

Option 1: Op3 (straight through with performance tempos)


Option 2: Op3STC (Segmented Tempi Changes – pauses included; Jeff will splice together)




Due Wednesday, March 24th – Opa! part 2- Measures 72 – 117


Due Tuesday, March 16th – Opa! part 1- Measures 1-70  3/13 Replaced to include 8-click intro


Due Monday, March 8th -Armed Forces Salute: Part 3, measures 142 – end 3/3 Corrected Sound File


Due Sunday, February 28th – Armed Forces Salute: Part 2, measures 53-142


Due Sunday, February 21st – Armed Forces Salute: Part 1, measures 1-53


Due Sunday, February 14th –  Star-Spangled Banner


In order to record, you will need the following supplies:

–    Cellphone, tablet, laptop, computer, or mp3 player (iPod or similar device) and a headset for listening to the play-along sound reference recording I will send you for each song.

–     Cellphone (different from the cellphone used in #1) with a camera that will record your video. Please record with your device held vertically.

–    Music stand

–     Well-lit room, free of ancillary sound


Please remember to do the following while recording yourself:

– Face the camera so we can see your face

– Only video from the top of your head to your hips

– Center yourself in the video so there is room to crop your picture

– If a piece is recorded in parts, make sure to wear the same outfit for all parts

– Smile when you are not playing!


Once you record each song on your cellphone, you will send your video file in a text message to Jeff.


“Recording How-To” Instructional Videos (Star-Spangled Banner is the example used):

SWS Instructional Movie – How To Record Yourself

SWS Recording Tutorial for Android Cell Phones


Upcoming Repertoire (not necessarily in this order):

·      España Cañi (3:25)

·      Come Fly With Me (3:25) Don Plummer, soloist

·      Stars and Stripes Forever (4:43)

·      Rondo for French Horn is also a possibility at this point.


Completed Repertoire:

·      Star-Spangled Banner (2:03)

·      Armed Forces Salute (5:10)

·      Opa! (6:00)