Members’ Corner

Virtual Spring Concert: Information and Instructions


Latest Message: Monday, March 1st

Dear Friends,

     Thank you for all of your support in our creation of our 2021 Virtual SWS Spring Concert. The patching of the parts together is rather interesting. I am certain I have and will learn a great deal about creating virtual concerts as this concert progresses.

     Attached please find the last third of the Armed Forces Salute from measure 142 – the end. You will hear eight clicks before the music begins in measure 142. The tempi are:


          142 dotted quarter = 108

          Ritardando in 153 and 154

          155 quarter note = 100

          159 half note = 128


     I reused measure 142 because it gives me room to edit and link the individual parts. New trick I just learned. 

     I have turned the click track volume up. I hope this helps. I would appreciate it if you would try to send this to me by Monday, March 8th. I understand if you are delayed.

     Our next song on the agenda is Opa! I have to decide how to properly divide this tune. I think I will base it on the changes in tempi. 

     Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I know this is a slow process, but I think it will be worthwhile when we have our finished product to send to family and friends.

                                                                                                               Be safe my friends,



Reference Tracks (Right-click the track to save file on your computer):

Current Project: Due Monday, March 8th – Armed Forces Salute: Part 3, measures 142 – end Corrected Sound File 3/3


Due Sunday, February 28th – Armed Forces Salute: Part 2, measures 53-142


Due Sunday, February 21st – Armed Forces Salute: Part 1, measures 1-53


Due Sunday, February 14th –  Star-Spangled Banner


In order to record, you will need the following supplies:

–    Cellphone, tablet, laptop, computer, or mp3 player (iPod or similar device) and a headset for listening to the play-along sound reference recording I will send you for each song.

–     Cellphone (different from the cellphone used in #1) with a camera that will record your video. Please record with your device held vertically.

–    Light blue shirt or blouse

–    Music stand

–     Well-lit room, free of ancillary sound


Please remember to do the following while recording yourself:

– Face the camera so we can see your face

– Only video from the top of your head to your hips

– Center yourself in the video so there is room to crop your picture

– Please wear a light blue shirt, blouse, turtleneck, or polo shirt

– Smile when you are not playing!


Once you record each song on your cellphone, you will send your video file in a text message to Jeff.


“Recording How-To” Instructional Videos (Star-Spangled Banner is the example used):

SWS Instructional Movie – How To Record Yourself

SWS Recording Tutorial for Android Cell Phones


Upcoming Repertoire (not necessarily in this order):

·      España Cañi (3:25)

·      Opa! (6:00)

·      Come Fly With Me (3:25) Don Plummer, soloist

·      Armed Forces Salute (5:10)

·      Stars and Stripes Forever (4:43)

·      Rondo for French Horn is also a possibility at this point.


Completed Repertoire:

·      Star-Spangled Banner (2:03)


Please note: we will do one song at a time at intervals of about two to three weeks.